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Compunction: a mixtape

Call it a weakness, but I rarely find myself apologising. We have a culture of deference that sometimes manifests itself in needless apology; I veer from it. But on occasion, when one really screws up, one has to go beyond the call of duty in saying one is sorry. This mixtape captures that mood. Continue reading Compunction: a mixtape


“Put an ocean and a river between everything, yourself and home.” Sometimes, Matt Berninger seems to advise in The National’s “England”, you have to get a little distance between you and the things, and people, dear to you. Paul Haggis’s “Crash” was a clunky metaphor for how Los Angelenos are only brought together by traumatic collisions. Before germ theory found currency, people thought the origin of epidemics lay in ‘bad air’, or, miasma, emanating from rotting organic matter. Continue reading Miasma

Three great songs with the same great beat

If I were a disc-jockeying man, I’d so be all over these three tracks.

  1. The Rapture — “Come Back to Me
  2. Omar S. — “Day
  3. Daft Punk — “Burnin’

Man, they are hot. From the accordion-and-percussion-heavy Rapture track, through the mechanized clattering of Omar’s unique vision of Detroit, to the elastic joy of Daft Punk’s take on funky house.