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Panda Bear — Tomboy

My first thought: it’s like Person Pitch, but in four-minute bursts.

Then: it beats the chillwavers at their own game. Where others are hipstamatic-knowing, Noah Lennox is enlightening and joyful, still gazing in wonder at the sheer splendour and excitement of being alive.

Person Pitch was ambitious, but Tomboy isn’t, and doesn’t need to be either. The soaring vocal melodies seem familiar in spite of their originality—the true test of great songwriting. The arrangements are perhaps more skeletal, but this isn’t a good qualification: Lennox’s music is still lush and witty, but it is now less reliant on lengthy quoting of other people’s phrases. Continue reading Panda Bear — Tomboy

Under-informed profligacy – Favourite Albums of 2010

This time last year, I bored you all to death with my fifteen favourite albums of 2009. At the time, I suggested my list was not very useful because I had spent much of the year catching up on older music thanks to Spotify.

A year on, plus ça change. A friend told me he was surprised to see Fleetwood Mac extremely high on the list of most-listened to music on Spotify. I told him I was probably the reason behind this.

Nevertheless, for (non)completists’ sake, I shall persist with this probably pointless exercise. It might give you some weird insight into my warped tastes, at least.

Because I don’t wish to look like a slacker, you can also expect me to publish a list with albums I will get round to listening to in the near future. Continue reading Under-informed profligacy – Favourite Albums of 2010