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Jody ‘Fingers’ Finch — Jack Your Big Booty

Today’s unavoidably memorable older cut comes from 1987, and Jody ‘Fingers’ Finch‘s infectious “Jack Your Big Booty”, here enjoyed in its BHQ No Acid Vocal Remix form, which was released in 2009.

For over seven minutes, there is just one lyric, cut up and repeated. Under it, the beat is thumping and atavistic. About four minutes in, some spare squirking sound effects surface, after which the pace picks up fractionally, and the percussion begins to clatter away in a less restrained way. This soon lets up. Derrick Carter‘s minimalism is indefatigable.

The original version runs at a faster pace, and the vocal line has a faint plate reverb that gives the impression of being sung into a vast, but padded, chamber. If anything, the effect is even more rooted in Chicago—the collision and intermingling of voices that rises halfway through is unquestioning and unstoppable. As in the remix, the lack of any melodic instrument creates an empty ocean of negative space, which allows the 808’s hi-hat to really ring out.

As has been pointed out here, the eighteen-year old Finch wrote this song in honour of “his friend’s mother’s backside”.

The remix has found some fame, in the nether reaches of Friendly Fires‘ excellent Suck My Deck mix, released last year for the London club promoter Bugged Out!. On the mix, “Jack Your Big Booty” rolls inexorably into B.D.I.’s “City & Industry”, which is comparatively luxuriant, with its Siren-like octave-jumping synth, and warmongering percussion.

Even more recently, the remix is featured as the opening track on Derrick Carter’s Fabric 56 mix. Unfortunately, according to Resident Advisor, “this mix doesn’t work”, but it might still be worth a listen.

For lovers of Chicago house’s primal roots, Jody ‘Fingers’ Finch’s track is one to check out.♦