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Hot Chip – One Life Stand

Much as I enjoyed Hot Chip’s third album, Made In The Dark, I’ll admit that it was a slightly cluttered, claustrophobic listen. There was a lot going on in some of the tracks – “Shake A Fist” and “Don’t Dance” in particular – and though this was offset by the sparser, more low-key numbers (the title track, for instance, was  a masterpiece of concision), the overall vibe was very busy and slightly unfocused. Which is why I’m very excited by the literature surrounding the band’s forthcoming fourth album, entitled One Life Stand because a range of sources have suggested that it will be a more stripped-down and focused affair – an album’s album, if you will.

The album’s release is being preceded by a digital release of the title track which, in truncated form, occupies a radio-friendly three-and-a-half-minutes. And it’s a great pop song, in the catchy mould of “Ready For The Floor”, albeit with an added jaggedness and bite. “Tell me where you’ve been… where you’ve been staying” whispers Alexis Taylor in his most conspiratorial tone, backed by clattering steel drums and a synth line rich in overtones. After a time, synth-wizard Joe Goddard pipes in with a somewhat supernatural moan which continues throughout the chorus, followed by one of the most glorious, buzzing synth melodies I’ve heard in a long time. “One Life Stand” is foreboding and seductive; its relatively simplistic structure belies the love of pop music beating at its core. It’s a wonderful addition to the band’s catalogue of cult classics, and I really do expect it to break high into the charts.

Hot Chip  – One Life Stand (embedding disabled by Parlophone, joyless souls that they are)


U2 – Get On Your Boots

Neither Michael nor I are very big U2 fans. In fact, we both think they probably should have retired a long time ago; maybe sometime after The Joshua Tree. As it is, they’re still plodding along in stadium/arena/widescreen-rock fashion, obsessing about world poverty and widening social inequality and possibly the plight of the whales.

Now they’re dropping a new album, No Line On The Horizon, preceded by this lead single, Get On Your Boots, which is currently swapping between various YouTube videos having premiered yesterday morning. I’m holding out on judgement until I’ve given it a few more listens, but it really isn’t all that bad. As Pitchfork notes, it does have something of the desert about it, but in less of a delicate, beautified way than the highlights of The Joshua Tree.

Whatever any critic’s judgement on it is, one thing is for certain – it’ll be the most downloaded song on iTunes this year.

Oh, and as a bonus treat, here is Radiohead’s Creep, re-imagined by Microsoft’s latest embarrassment, Songsmith: