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The definitive* ranking of DFA remixes

*Not actually definitive at all.

This started with my recognition that BuzzFeed has decided to carve up every phenomenon in the world into ‘definitive rankings‘ and ‘which x are you?‘. Not to be outdone, here, then, is my contribution to this growing corpus. I hope Mr. Matthew Perpetua is paying attention. Continue reading The definitive* ranking of DFA remixes

“I didn’t need to have the fanciest equipment but I knew what I liked and what was important for getting the sounds I wanted to get.”

I just finished reading an excellent interview about producing records, with Eric Broucek, who used to be the in-house engineer for DFA Records, at their Plantain Studio.

 “A lot of what I do here is drilling holes in really expensive things.”

By and by, through the breadcrumb trail, I also chanced upon this rather charming interview with Jared Ellison, who is the studio’s in-house tech, I guess supplanting the often-busy Gavin Russom, he of druidlike appearance.

Both pieces are highly recommended for anyone who, like me, enjoys dreaming about being a record producer, and enjoys vicariously living this very geeky life.