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Eternal summers turn to fall

A friend’s sister has been in town, visiting from the Garden State. She brings with her the baggage of a gentler pre-campus life: sprinklers on lawns, the station wagon, and the sodium-glare of streetlights on wide tree-lined avenues. Nothing evokes endless estival evenings like Real Estate‘s second album, Days. But at a certain point, I had begun to wonder if Matthew Mondanile’s plangent, cyclical music would overwhelm the elegant simplicity of his childhood friend Martin Courtney’s lyrics, which are lifted wholesale from the imagery of dusky suburbia. Continue reading Eternal summers turn to fall

And but so R.E.M.

I was 31% of the way through Infinite Jest when I realised I no longer had any idea what was going on in David Foster Wallace’s novel. It felt like this lengthy diversion about rehabilitation from substance addiction had no origin and no destination, and at roughly the same time I began to yearn for a simpler and yet more powerful meditation on America. I put on R.E.M.’s Automatic For The People. Continue reading And but so R.E.M.

Mahgeetah: rock music in America

A while back, I wrote of Spoon and My Morning Jacket, who have been busy keeping rock music alive in an era of laptops, turntables and synthesisers. But now that those bands have become deconstructionists and funk-explorers respectively, who fulfils the role of the revivalist? Continue reading Mahgeetah: rock music in America

Real Estate make it sound Easy

Real Estate make jangling, timeless guitar pop which yearns for a simpler time. The strumming is carefree and golden; the vocals suggest a blissed-out Ian Brown; and the mood is eternally September.

As several people have noticed, there is an elegant simplicity to their having called the opening song of their recent second album “Easy” (see above), because it certainly doesn’t try hard.

And, of even more relevance, I will be seeing these guys play London’s Scala tomorrow night. I expect good things to come of it.