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Kraftwerk’s crystal balls

The seminal German outfit had arguably been following their own advice for much of their career: “I programme my home computer, Beam myself into the future”. On two rather prescient albums, they considered what effect technology and innovation would have on society, with conclusions that are relevant today.

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Via the Guardian, I bring you an uncomfortable video assembled by Friendly Fires for their new single and Pala-opener, “Live Those Dreams Tonight”.

Frontman Ed Macfarlane has combed YouTube for footage of nineties ravers chewing their faces off, padded it out with scans of naïvely-designed flyers from the same era, and has in the process probably kicked off the latest unstoppable internet meme.

But don’t forget, the substance of the day wasn’t all bad news. To quote James Murphy,

“Goodminton was invented, by LCD Soundsystem, in Ibiza, on MDMA.”