Spoon — Rent I Pay

It’s no understatement to write that Spoon‘s forthcoming eighth album, They Want My Soul, is an album I eagerly anticipate, and  from which I expect taut, muscular quality. From the contents of an All Songs Considered interview with the band’s Britt Daniel and Jim Eno which features snippets of new material, I also expect sweetness and light (“I Just Don’t Understand”), dreaminess and R&B (“Inside Out”), rawness and interference (“Knock Knock Knock”).

The opener, “Rent I Pay”, is a caustic, deranged number that thunders out of the blocks riding a beat reminiscent of “Is Love Forever?”, from 2010’s Transference. Monolithic sheets of guitar fill every frequency, showcasing the richness of production (albeit bereft of gimmickry) one associates with the work of Dave Fridmann. After a minute or so, the guitar parts are telegraphed onto rousing Hammond organ and piano, in a manner not dissimilar from Vampire Weekend’s style on “Unbelievers”. The deft hints of bass provide the requisite white-space a Spoon song demands, but belie the fact this is a seriously heavy song. Throughout, Daniel barks and cries and yells and wraps his sandpapery voice round unusual phrasings. If there was a song to restore your faith in rock music circa 2014, this might be it. Daniel has said the song was influenced by his purchasing the entire AC/DC catalogue over the last four years—his ears aren’t mistaken.

They Want My Soul is released on 4th/5th August, on Loma Vista Recordings. The lead single, “Do You”, is out now.


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