Barely a week after I wrote about Pulp‘s fruitful collaboration with an icon of music (Scott Walker, on We Love Life), we’re treated to a thrilling Christmas present from the Sheffield band, this time in collaboration with yet another godfather-figure.

James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem, DFA Records etc. etc.) lends a hand on “After You“, which was originally written during the We Love Life sessions but was soon abandoned. This revised version is, by common consensus, over a minute longer than the old one, which Nick Banks described as “an absolute lost classic”. And unsurprisingly, given the star producer and all the plaudits Pulp’s live comeback has garnered, it’s immense.

With a galloping beat, twittering and bleeping synths, and some incendiary guitar-work, it’s a typically sleazy and nocturnal affair—and that means they might well have been right to scrap its inclusion on We Love Life. True to form, there are some gems in the lyrics (“From disco to disco / From Safeway to Tesco / We’re shopping around from the cradle till death row”). In an alluring teaser for Murphy’s other rumoured production work soon to be forthcoming (Arcade Fire! Yeah Yeah Yeahs!), it doesn’t just sound like LCD Soundsystem-meets-Pulp.


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