How does it fit?

Regular readers will know how much I admire the music of Spoon. Any year without new music from Britt Daniel’s outfit is a marginally less enjoyable one; this one, I hope less so, thanks to his side-project with Dan Boeckner of Wolf Parade, which is known as Divine Fits. They release an album, A Thing Called Divine Fits, at the end of August, and you can try a track out for size (geddit?) above. “Would That Not Be Nice” nods lovingly at the vocal manipulations of Transference, and the stripped-down garage rock guitars of Kill The Moonlight. There’s also a healthy shot of the Costello-does-soul vibe from Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, via the long-limbed bassline. But you shouldn’t think of it as a career-spanning Spoon redux, compressed into four minutes.

No: sadly, the sparkling outro aside, this is far too trad and far too staid to rank among Spoon’s œuvre. The closest thing it approaches, taken as a whole, is the saggy middle of Gimme Fiction, which reaches its nadir with the scrawny “Sister Jack“. Here is a song that’s disappointingly less than the sum of its parts; all swagger and no substance.

The other taster we’ve heard of Divine Fits is “My Love Is Real“, a more noirish affair. Maybe it’s because Dan Boeckner has a less recognisable voice than Britt Daniel, but I inevitably ended up comparing the song less to the other works of its creators. It’s got similarly neat production tricks, and a charmingly doomed Soft Cell-like synth line, and I preferred it to “Would That Not Be Nice”.


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