Excellent, crap-cutting review of the new Lady Gaga album in the Times (subscription required, I’m afraid), from their music main man Will Hodgkinson.

Born This Way is the album equivalent of a finely cooked meal with a load of tomato ketchup splurged all over it. It’s full of nice ideas, but they are inevitably subsumed under the all-powering but bland ingredient of Nineties Euro dance. Something original and interesting will start up but, before you know it, a familiar thud-thud beat bludgeons it into non-existence.”

That quotation really gets to the nub of the issue about Ms. Germanotta: everyone fusses over her image, and liberating values, and forgets how unoriginal her music is. I listen to her music and my jaw drops, not out of shock at its experimentation (of which there is none), but in surprise at how she is championed as a saviour of pop music. I’ve heard a keener sense of melody in songs by ‘N Sync.


One thought on “On Lady Gaga: “Why does her music have to be so bad?”

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Most of today’s popular music takes that same thudding beat and puts a pitched corrected voice over the top. It’s really aggravating to see what is called popular music, and what people are making gobs of money off of. There are so many talented musicians out there who are rarely heard.

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