LCD Soundsystem – This Is Happening – Official Stream

I resent the fact that this is happening.

In typical fashion, and in spite of the desperate pleadings from Mr. James Murphy, the final LCD Soundsystem has been leaked, over a month before its release.

In recognition of this, the band’s record distribution label (I can only presume it is them, and not the DFA) has persuaded the band to stream the album on their website. This can be found here. You can’t skip through tracks or any lark like that – it’s like being at a listening party.

I came very close to not giving in to temptation, and refraining from listening to it. In the end, factoring in my ticket to see the band play London’s Brixton Academy next Friday night, I realised it was probably in my interest to have a working knowledge of all nine songs on the album.

Predictably, the album is a beauty, channelling the spirit of Bowie and, occasionally, the sound of Bowie too. I’ll probably write a proper review soon-ish, because I’m already in love with it. In a few places it’s like listening to an amalgamation of 70s art rock classics; for the most part, it’s the most forward-thinking, original electronic music.

Oh, and right in the middle is a 9-minute long rant against the music industry with the central lyric,

“Well you wanted a hit

But we don’t do hits.”

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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